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Leaner Mirror Ireland

Rathmines Glass are one of Ireland’s longest established providers of leaner mirrors. Our range of leaner mirrors are robust, lean and perfect for everywhere from the living room to the sitting room. The sleek, minimalist design of our Ireland leaner mirrors means they complement any type of interior design.Our frameless mirrors are full length and are completely free-standing. As these are free-standing, these mirrors are perfect as selfie mirrors and complete outfit checking mirrors. Therefore our leaner mirrors are particularly popular for bedrooms or spare rooms.Due to its large size, leaner mirrors also make a room appear larger.


For additional information on our leaner mirrors, get in contact with Rathmines Glass today.

Leaner Mirror FAQ

I need a leaner mirror near me. What is your catchment area?

We deliver our quality leaner mirrors to customers all over Dublin. For deliveries outside Dublin, call us.

Are you’re leaner mirrors fitted with a safety back?

Yes, all our leaner mirrors are fitted with a safety back. A safety back prevents a mirror from smashing into large dangerous pieces in the event of an impact?

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